Bahia Honda Bridge Tarpon Jigs - Best Lures for Keys Bridge Tarpon

Posted by Capt. Ross Gallagher on

The secret is out! For the past several years, successful Florida Keys captains and tournament anglers have been custom rigging our Black 10″ Jigging Series on skirted jig heads. These jigs have proven effective when tarpon are picky and pushed to the bottom around Key’s bridges including the famous Bahia Honda Bridge.

Bouncing these jigs is a simple and effective way to hookup when other anglers are not. Designed to be fished just above the bottom, our VMC Barbarian Jig Head is sharp and strong enough to hook and land the angriest of Key’s tarpon. These jigs are very effective when tarpon hang close to the bottom of bridge pilings during strong tides. Back bouncing these jigs into heavy structure works just as well at night as it does during the day.

We recommend using heavy tackle when trying to land tarpon around bridge structure. While fighting tarpon along the flats can be a delicate, graceful dance with the silver king, hooking and landing large tarpon in heavy current near structure is taking a bull by the horns. We recommend using heavy spinning or conventional setups spooled with 65lb – 100lb braid. Attach a 6′ leader of 80lb – 125lb mono, then tie your jig via a loop knot.



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