How To Rig with Darter Heads

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People often say “Why didn’t I think of that” when first encountering the Hogy Darter head, which is basically a hybridized jig head. Instead of rigging the hook through the soft bait, the method is to simply “screw” the soft bait onto the keeper embedding inside the head. Darter heads all have one thing in common, they feature very strong short shanked hooks that can land massive fish, despite their small size. Darter heads have a wonderful subsurface walk the dog motion because the pull of the jig in on the nose, as opposed to a traditional jig with an Aberdeen style jig with an eye at either 30, 45 or 60 degrees. The pull “from the nose” keeps the bait in a horizontal trajectory due to it’s lower center of gravity. A traditional jig head has more of a drop, as the entire weight of the jig is below the eye.

Darter Heads can be rigged on all kinds of soft baits but my two favorites are on eel tails and baby flounders.

How To Rig Darter Head with Soft Plastic Flounder

These two products are systematic in the sense that you can fish the lure two ways. One is in the horizontal position, which is our a flounder will swim. The other is the offset or 180 position, which will present the bait more like a porgy. This head is an excellent choice for shallow water grouper, ling cod and striped bass.

Watch the video here:

How To Rig Darter Head with Eel Tails

The Darter heads are designed for a seamless fit with a squared off soft bait. If you use our Jiggin Series, this step is taken for you. It is also very common for anglers to use traditional soft baits such as our Sand eels, Originals and Skinnies. Since these small BUT VERY STRONG heads pack such a punch, they can be used on just about any gamefish large enough to eat what you are throwing at them.

Watch the video here:

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