Pro Talk: Spring Into Flounder

Posted by Capt. Ross Gallagher on

15 Minutes with: Capt. Tucker Blythe

Here’s what we learned…

Location: Charleston, SC

Tides: All tides.

Approach: As the water temperatures increase into late Spring, Flounder will begin to move away from their deep water winter haunts and invade inshore estuaries. Flounder love to be around hard structure such as oyster mounds, dock pilings, and submerged rocks. During lower tides, concentrate around feeder creeks dumping bait into larger creeks and the outside pilings on docks that hold 2 to 6 feet of water. Abandoned crab pots on low water mud flats can be magnets for flounder as well. On higher tides, focus efforts along grass edges, dock pilings and submerged rocks.

Rigging Selection: Hogy X-Strong Swim Bait Hooks and Jig Heads

Bait Selection: Hogy Bunny and Rabbit Swim Bait Series

Why this bait? The Hogy Bunny and Rabbit imitate the perfect sized mullet that flounder love. Either baits can be rigged with swimbait hooks or jig heads allowing you to cover any depths that flounder are holding.

Colors: Bone is and excellent color for imitating small finger mullet.

Retrieve: The most important thing is keeping the bait on or near the bottom. While flounder will even break the surface chasing baitfish, they are an ambush predator that lies on the bottom while waiting for a baitfish to make a mistake. Rig accordingly to the current and depth you are fishing to maintain that close proximity to the bottom. Bounce your bait off the bottom with a short twitch and pause retrieve.


Rod: Fast action St. Croix Rod 6-12#

Reel: Shimano Symetre FL 3000

Line: 15lb Power Pro Slick

Leader: 25lb Mono Leader

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