Pro Talk: Summertime Trolling in the Florida Keys

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We spent 15 minutes with Capt. Michael Hogan, owner and president of Hogy Lure Company, to discuss summertime trolling for Mahi Mahi with the Hogy Bluemax Trolling Heads in the Florida Keys. 

 Capt. Michael Hogan
Instagram: @hogyfishing
Facebook: Hogy Lures 

Introduction: Summer trolling in the keys is all about the mahi. There may be a few wahoo, black fin tuna and a sailfish mixed in but the primary target will be schoolie to adult dolphin along rips and weed lines. 

Location: Key West, Florida

Tides: When trying to locate schools of Mahi offshore, finding current edges or temperature breaks is a great place to start. These areas tend to collect sargasso grass and debris, offering protection for small bait fish.

Approach: Mahi trolling at it’s core is easy and straight foreword. Deploy a spread of 4- 5 baits arranged at different positions in the boats wake. Many anglers will troll shallow to deep in a zig zag pattern until fish concentrations can be located and a pattern can be established.

Bait Selection: Hogy® Bluemax Series Trolling Heads

Colors: Chartreuse, Ballysmoke, Blurple

Retrieve: It’s generally better to cover more ground and you can benefit by trolling at a fairly high speed. 5 – 7 knots is perfect for covering ground and having a great presentation.


Rod: 20lb – 30lb trolling set ups are ideal for The Blue Max Trolling Plugs.

Reel:  Shimano Tiagra 20 – 30.

Line: 30lb Mono. Use a Bimini twist on your main line to connect to a ball bearing snap swivel.

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