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Pro Talk: Popping Topwater Soft Baits for Amberjack

Posted by Capt. Ross Gallagher on

15 Minutes with: Capt. Tucker Blythe http://www.charlestoncustomcharters.com/ Here’s what we learned… Location: Offshore Charleston, SC Tides: n/a Approach: What I look for when Amberjack fishing is a combination of the right water temperature and high profile structure. South Carolina is littered with artificial reefs and wrecks in all different water depths. In the Spring and Fall, Amberjacks will move into more shallow water in search for food. I will target structure in 45-60 ft during this time. In the summer and winter, these fish will move further offshore following the baitfish and water temperature. 70ft to 90ft is generally where they will be found...

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Pro Talk: Amberjack Fishing on Georgia's Snapper Bank

Posted by Hogy Lures Staff on

15 Minutes with: Capt. TJ Cheek www.charterfish.com Location: Snapper Bank, Georgia Tides: N/A Approach: 45 Miles off the coast of Georgia, there is a series of breaks and live bottom, commonly referred to as Snapper Bank. These areas are well known to product great catches of amberjack, grouper and snapper. To target these amberjack, you’ll need to find some high profile structure. High profile structure is relative and can be as small as a 3′ limestone ledge or a shipwreck coming 40′ off the bottom. This day we were targeting the amberjack over well known rock piles that came up about 8′ off the...

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