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Pro Talk: Best Sand Dab Lures for Ling Cod Shore Fishing

Posted by Capt. Ross Gallagher on

15 Minutes with Jetty Angler Rick Denham What we learned… Location: Northwest Washington in Puget Sound Tides: Both sides of the high slack.  I generally try to fish the hour before and hour after the high tide as there will be the greatest concentrations of bait near the shorelines at that time.  More water will give the Lingcod a greater chance to ambush their meal. Approach: Targeting Lingcod in Puget Sound and in any region is all related to structure.  When you find the right structure you can count on a few Lingcod to be had.  How does one find this structure you...

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Pro Talk: Sand Dab Lures for the Channel Islands Ling Cod

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15 Minutes with: Capt. Tony Vultaggio http://www.sbsportfishing.com/ Here’s what we learned... Location: The Channel Islands, California Tides: The high outgoing produced the best. Approach: Fishing along the islands can be a little tricky. The lings were holding around the transition areas near high spots in 80′ – 120′. It’s important to watch your fish finder to pinpoint how the ling cod are relating to structure on a given day. By far, the most productive areas were the bottom of high spots and they dropped into the flats. Rigging Selection: Barbarian Jig Series Bait Selection: The Hogy® Sand Dab Series   Why this bait?  The Hogy®...

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