Hogy — Sand Eel Jigs

How To: Fishing Rhode Island Throughout the Season with Hogy Lure Products

Posted by Jamie Costa on

A complete guide to fishing Rhode Island waters, Chris Connelly of Narragansett takes us through a typical fishing season from early spring to mid fall. Some areas include Newport, Block Island and Narragansett bay where anglers can target species from striped bass to false albacore with common Hogy Lure products such as the heavy minnow jig, the sand eel jig and the epoxy jig lure.

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Top Candlefish & Sand Lance Imitator Jigs

Posted by Capt. Michael Hogan on

We let nature do the design work on the Hogy Sand Eel Jig Series. These highly imitative Candlefish and Sand Lance imitators are perfect for light tackle casting and jigging for King and Coho Salmon, Rockfish and Ling Cod. The Sand Eel Jigs are offered in a variety of sizes and weights to closely imitate specific forage sizes. These jigs can be fished from shore, boat or kayak. When fished on a steady surface retrieve, the jig offers a wide side to side kick, imitating a swimming Candlefish. On a vertical retrieve, the jig features a wounded baitfish flutter, Perfect...

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