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Things have changed radically in world of rod manufacturing in the last few years with advances in materials, durability – and options. With more and more anglers taking vacations to far away places in search of new fishing challenges, rod makers have realized the importance of offering multi-piece rods that rival the action and strength of one-piece designs. Not long ago it was very difficult to find a “travel rod” that fit that description but that is hardly the case today. Here are examples of premium multi-piece rods that you can easily fit in an overhead compartment on an airplane, or in some cases even pack in your suitcase or carry-on. Most come with a sturdy carrying case with interior padded compartments or a separate rod sack to pad and protect the rod. They all also feature excellent quality ferules, handles and reel seats, important considerations in multi-piece rods.


St. Croix Legend Trek series rods:

New for 2015, both spinning and casting designs are offered in lengths of 7 and 7 ½ feet. A 3-piece configuration, they are available in ratings ranging from 6 – 12 pound-test up to a robust 17 – 40 pound-test (casting). High modulus/high strain SC IV graphite is used for superior strength and sensitivity. Kigan Master Hand Zero Tangle guides with zirconia rings and titanium frames for the ultimate protection against saltwater corrosion. Fuji reel seat, cork handle and 15-year transferable warranty. This is a premium, top-shelf rod for the discerning angler who demands the best.

LL Bean Travel Series Spinning Rod

A very affordable 7-foot spinning rod, available in three models with ratings from 6 -12 pound-test to 12 – 20 pound-test. This is a four-piece design is sold in a heavy duty case that measures just under 26” so it’s easy to stash in almost any luggage. Very good quality components plus the famous LL Bean unlimited lifetime warranty add up to an outstanding value.


Fenwick Methods Multi-Piece Travel Rods

This is a unique offering in 3-piece travel rods as it comes with an additional mid and tip section in slightly different weights, allowing the angler to match a variety of lure and line weights. Ranging from 6’ 8” to 7’ 4” when assembled, in either spinning or casting configuration these rods feature high modulus, fast action blanks with cork handles, high quality guides and reel seats.,default,pd.html#start=1

Offshore Angler® Ocean Master® Travel Spinning Rods

This 7-foot, 3-piece rod (also available as a casting rod) features IM-7 graphite blank, Fuji Alconite guides, Fuji reel seat and heavy-duty ferules. Fast action, three models available rated 6 -12, 8 – 17, and 10 – 20 pound-test. Sold in a triangular, heavy-duty rod case.


Tsunami Travel Rods

These rods from Bimini Bay Outfitters come in many of the configurations listed in offerings from the previous manufacturers but of special interest to anglers who are primarily surfcasters needing longer, heavier rods are the three-piece models TSTSS-863H (8’ 6” when assembled, heavy action, rated 12 – 25lb test, ¾ – 3-ounce lures) and the TSTSS-933H, (9’3” when assembled, medium action, rated 10 – 20lb test, ½ – 2-ounce lures). Both feature Fuji components, cork tape wrapped handles and are high modulus graphite. Note: no case is provided with these rods.


St. Croix Triumph Surf Spinning Travel Rods

Available in a 3-piece, 9’ version (rated 8 – 20lb test, ½ – 2 ½-ounce) and 4-piece, 10’ version (rated 8 – 20lb test, ¾ – 4-ounce) and listed as moderate/fast action, these surf rods are made of SCII graphite with heavy duty, corrosion resistant components, Fuji reel seat and cork wrapped grip with rubber butt cap. Sold with nylon covered high impact PVS case for maximum protection while travelling. Reasonably priced, high quality rod from St. Croix, backed by a 5-year warranty.

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