Trophy Lake Trout Ice Fishing

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In 2012 we learned about a “secret bait” top lake trout guides were using to target TROPHYlake trout through the ice. The technique was first made public when FIELD & STREAM TVfilmed an episode with renowned guide Bernie Keefe in Granby, Colorado. During the filming of THIS EPISODE the host and crew were faced with tough fishing conditions. Show Host Joe Cermele was surprised when Bernie Keefe chose to drop the Hogy® 10inch Jigging Soft Bait down through the ice. Within moments he was hooked up with the first fish of the trip. As the day continued, several other TROPHY LAKE TROUT were caught on film using the Hogy® Jigging Soft Baits.


We were so impressed by response to the Field and Stream episode we sent one of our own staff out to check it out. Watch this video to see how it all went down.

Lures Used In This Video:

Hogy® 10inch Jigging Soft Bait rigged on the Hogy® 10/0 Barbarian Jig Heads.

Pro Kits:

Lake Trout Kit Direct From Hogy® Lures

Lake Trout Kit from


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