Deep Drop Eel

How-To: Fishing the 18-inch Deep Drop Eel Lure for Swordfish

How-To: Fishing the 18-inch Deep Drop Eel Lure for Swordfish

4 years in the making, we are proud to introduce the Hogy 18inch Deep Drop Eel for Swordfish, Tuna, Grouper and other deepwater species. Designed with the assistance of  multi-winning tournament angler and South Florida commercial Swordfish Captain, Corey Burlew.

Setting Up Your Deep Drop Rod & Reel

Captain Corey Burlew shares his method for setting up a daytime deep drop rod and electric reel for swordfishing.

Swordfishing with Deep Drop Eels

Commercial fishing Capt. Cory Burlew shows us the technique he developed in 2011 for daytime deep dropping large Hogy Soft Baits on his Lindgren Pitman LP-1200 reels as Snake Mackerel imitators for South Florida Swordfish.

This technique allows anglers easy daytime deep dropping presentations without worrying about spinning, tangles or the need for fresh bait. It’s the simple, clean and easy way to catch trophy swordfish all day long.

Rig Your Own Swordfish Eel

Pre-Rigged Deep Drop Eels


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Tim McDonald

Tim McDonald

I realize these jigs were developed for deep drops but I have a feeling they would be killer for other depths. I am thinking 100-300 feet would also work. These are the typically normal depths I like to fish in the Dry Tortuga’s area. Regards, Tim

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