How To: Casting and Jigging Cobia On Wrecks

How To: Casting and Jigging Cobia On Wrecks

Two of our top Hogy Pro Staffers share their favorite lures and fishing techniques for catching cobia off of manta rays, wrecks, ledges and channels. Learn how to hookup with these pro tips! 

Hogy Lures Pro Tail Cobia Tyler Nonn

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Capt. Tyler Nonn

3 Tips for Wreck, Ledge and Channel Cobia

1. On a hard running tide focus on keeping your baits tight to the bottom. Cobia holding tight on the structure and channel edges love a vertically jigged pro tails. The best way to stay tight to the bottom is by bumping up in lure weight. Often 3oz or 4oz Pro Tail Eels or Paddle Tails are perfect for bottom bouncing in 20' - 80' depths.

Hogy Pro Tail Eels

2. Paddle tail pro tails are great baits to have ready for cobia and other wreck/ structure oriented species. Reeling and popping these baits across the surface can make for memorable bites. 2 to 3oz baits are preferred to make a long cast. Work these baits as soon as they hit the surface. Keep your rod tip high at a 10' o clock position and use a medium fast speed to quickly work them along the surface. Occasionally breaking the surface will excite suspended cobia into coming up and investigating.

3. When fish are floating above the structure, near the surface. Bright attractor colors like bubblegum not only get noticed quickly by cobia, they also may watching and adjusting your lure retrieve to match the behavior of the following cobia easier. Incorporate high speed pops and twitches to excited lazy cobia. Make sure to never stop a lure when a cobia is in pursuit. They often lose interest immediately and will sink out of sight.

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