Best Imitator: Bay Anchovy Baits for False Albacore

Best Imitator: Bay Anchovy Baits for False Albacore

There may not be a more difficult fish to catch than False Albacore feeding on Bay Anchovies. The fish can become so focused on anchovies that it’s not uncommon for them to ignore all other offerings.

We have found using realistic soft baits, like the Hogy 4.6inch Light Sand Eel can hook up on fish that just won’t eat.

Recommended Soft Bait: Hogy 4.6″ Light Sand Eel

Recommended Rigging: Hogy 1/0 Weighted Swim Bait Hook

Recommended Retrieve: A medium to fast paced retrieve is ideal to trigger a reaction strike. Casting along the edges of feeding blitz will present the bait within the strike zone, but doesn’t spook fish by dragging the line through a school.

Tips for Bay Anchovy Baits

Sight cast to small schools of fish with the 4.6-inch sand eel. The weighted 1/0 Hogy swim-bait hook will help increase casting distance.

But first lighten up. The 4.6-inch sand eel is a challenge to cast. Fish it on no more than 8-pound test for casting distance.If you decide to go with braid, 8-pound test has amazing casting power, but even braid as thin as sewing thread can spook albies. Use a long fluorocarbon leader, no heavier than 10-pound test.

Dead drift the sand eel rigged on the 1/0 Hogy un-weighted swim-bait hook. Raise your rod tip high and twitch the bait.

If no fish are showing or only surfacing periodically, cover ground with blind casting. Put your rod tip in the water and twitch the bait as you reel. 

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