How To: Choosing the Best Lure for Tarpon Fishing

How To: Choosing the Best Lure for Tarpon Fishing

On the flats, tarpon will eat a variety of forage, including juvie hound fish, bally hoo, and palo worms. It doesn’t exactly take a huge imagination to figure that big soft baits are perfect tarpon lures. Due to the heavy leaders associated with tarpon fishing, we recommend a loop knot. Tips Best sellers Articles Tarpon Videos

Top Ranked Tarpon Lures

10″ and 14″ Hogy® Original: Big enough for casting on heavy gear, these life like baits drive big jacks crazy. Bubble Gum, Bone and Black are the top colors fishing for jacks. Video: Tarpon on these baits


Top Ranked Tarpon Rigging

 10/0 Swimbait Hook: This Needle sharp hook will get the job done. Perfect for a top-water, weedless presentation. Heavy-duty bait keeper suitable for holding large soft-baits. Has taken tarpon up to 175lbs.

The Soft Circle Hook: Just twist and fish. Minimal hardware inside the bait means maximum action. Fish the baits hard and fact and Jacks will tend to hit for the head. Fantastic hook up ratio!

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