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How To: Epoxy Jig Lure Retrieves #141

How To: Epoxy Jig Lure Retrieves #141

The Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure is a very unique lure in that it has the size and shape of a metal jig but is 1/3 the weight for its overall size. This means you can fish this lure in a number of different ways that you couldn’t fish a lead jig which would either be slow and deep or fast and just below the surface. The Hogy Epoxy Jig lure’s lightness will allow you to change action with rod-tip angle and speed very easily.

  • Skippy Retrieve: This retrieve is probably the most exciting way to catch fish on the Hogy Epoxy Jig lure. In this retrieve, you tip is pointed up, as high as you can get it. With a fast retrieve, fast enough to keep the lure skimming on the surface, impart short twitching motions to force the Hogy Epoxy Jig lure to pop out of the water and simulate a fleeing bait from a predator. This is an excellent retrieve for stripers keyed in on squid and for just about any situation with tuna and false albacore here in New England. Strikes on this retrieve are very powerful and sudden. 
  • Slow and Low: With the slow and low retrieve, your goal is to work multiple levels in the water column. You want your tip pointed toward the water. Impart short twitching motions with your rod as you maintain a slow to medium retrieve. Pause periodically to let the Hogy Epoxy Jig lure sink to whatever depth you desire before continuing to retrieve.
  • Fast and Furious: With the tip of you rod pointed toward or or even in the water, crank as fast as you can so the bait is scooting at a rapid pace. This technique is well worth the effort to draw a reaction strike when fish are being finicky.

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