How-To: Sight Casting for Mahi

How-To: Sight Casting for Mahi

Trolling lures and plugs is by far the most popular method for catching Mahi Mahi. Throughout the course of your day offshore, you will probably run across floating debris and vegetation. Even small items, like a drifting 5 gallon bucket can hold significant numbers of Mahi.

Casting jigs and soft baits is a great way for several anglers to hookup on fish simultaneously. It is also a great way to break up the monotony of trolling for hours on end.

Top Ranked Casting Lures For Mahi

1. SI 7/8oz Epoxy Jigs

These long casting jigs are perfect for reaching fish from a distance. Unlike heavy metal jigs, the Epoxy Jigs are designed to be fished just under the surface at high speeds. A simple, high speed twitching retrieve is very effective.

2. Hogy 6inch Skinny Series Soft Bait + 6/0 Barbarian Jig Head

Mahi are initially quite aggressive and willing strike. After a few minutes of catching fish from a school, the Mahi can become very finicky and difficult to fool. Small soft baits impart very natural action that drive them strike, even in a stressed state. Natural colors like Amber imitate smalls squid and bait fish, perfect for finicky Mahi. Lightly weighted jig heads provide casting distance, yet still allow the lure to sink slowly near the surface.

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