How To: New Jersey Fall Run Prep List With Shell E. Caris

How To: New Jersey Fall Run Prep List With Shell E. Caris

The fall run is fast approaching the New Jersey shoreline. We sit down with Shore Catch Guide Shell E. Caris and discuss his prep list for a successful Fall Run.

Mullet Run Striped Bass: The Mullet Run is still in full swing along NJ beaches and fishing is just heating up. Abundant finger mullet are pouring out coastal inlets and providing ample storage along the Island Beach State Park. Anglers are having good success imitating finger mullet using the 2oz 5.5" and 6.5" Pro Tail Paddle in Peanut Bunker, Olive, Bone, and Silver. Cruising the beach by vehicle scanning for surface activity is most productive, as fish can move miles up and down the beach from day to day.


New Jersey Shore Striper Fishing Hogy Pro Tail Paddle

Incoming Albies: With the incoming NE winds this week, the fall run of Coastal Albies won't be far behind. Shore anglers will have the best success using heavier Hogy Epoxy Jigs® in 1.25oz and 2oz models for punching through onshore winds that frequent the fall run. Shell E. Recommends staying with the stock treble hook on the Epoxy Jig for best hookup ratios. We recommend running the beach looking for surface activity and birds while prospecting sand bars and white water.

Shore Fishing Epoxy Jigs

When the Peanut Bunker arrive, it's hard to beat the 1oz Peanut Bunker Jig for matching the hatch while offering excellent casting range in a variety of conditions.


Rod: St. Croix Legend Elite 8’ LTIS80HM
Reel: Salt X Tsunami Reel 6000
Line: Power Pro Slick 30lb Albies, 40lb Stripers
Leader: 20lb Fluoro Leader

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