Pro Talk: Perfect Jig For White Seabass

Pro Talk: Perfect Jig For White Seabass

We spent 15 minutes on the phone with Kevin Nakada, of La Jolla, California, to discuss jigging for white seabass with the Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure. Here's what we found out... 

Kevin Nakada
Hobie Fishing Team

Location: La Jolla, CA

Tides: Not as important as having some current flowing. 

Approach: White seabass are selective about the area they frequent. For the most part seabass move in and out of an area where the kelp opens to open water acting as an ambush point. Kelp forests are huge and the amount of ambush points is nearly endless; holes in the kelp are plentiful and the edges extend for miles. Pick an area that has a lot of bait present and spends some time in one area. A squid nest is a rare luxury, but if you can find a nest the entire area can be a hot spot for seabass. Your best friend will be patience. If you can stay focused on your target (seabass) by placing your epoxy jig in the general area you will stand a good chance of having a seabass run into your presentation.


Lure Selection: Using a 3 oz Epoxy Jig tipped with fresh dead squid is irresistible to a hungry seabass. One or two squid pinned on the same point on the treble hook is a nice big profile for one of these giants. A 35lber could easily slurp the whole offering in milliseconds.


Why This Bait? The epoxy jig is great for the traditional technique of tipping squid on a jig. It has been done for decades with traditional irons, but the epoxy jig is tough! Since the epoxy jig is coated with epoxy, the color stays with the lure. No more paint flaking or chipping. The wire thru construction gives a piece of mind when pulling on the fish. It is a rare occurrence, but the solid ring can pull through the zinc or aluminum of an iron or the solder can break on the solid ring’s weld. Again, a piece of mind with the wire thru construction.



Colors: Glow is a great all-around color. It looks very similar to the hue of a dying or fresh dead squid and the white bellies of most fin bait species. The green is also a great color in darker water to add some contrast for the fish to spot the bait easily.

Retrieve: Watch your fish finder to find the depth that the seabass frequent. Once you have determined the depth fish are cruising through, drop your epoxy jig and squid combo down to the same depth or just above it. The fish do not go down to the baits so you have to present the baits either at their level or just above. Let the combo sit in the current and do the demanding work of getting the fish to bite. The fish are attacking out of hunger, not from reacting to a fast moving lure so no action needs to be imparted.


Rod: 7’ St.Croix Mojo Salt Conventional Med Hvy 30-50 MSWC70MHF

Reel: Daiwa Saltiga Star 35

Line: 65 lb Power Pro braid

Leader: 40 lb Seaguar Blue Label reverse Albright connection

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