How-To: Big Jacks on Light Tackle

How-To: Big Jacks on Light Tackle

Location: Everglades National Park AKA: Flamingo

Tides: Honestly I just like moving water for this species.

Approach: In the glades we are fishing creek mouths, or shore lines. If you see some nervous water cast to it, & if your lucky you will find them busting bait which is absolutely the best time to cast a Pro Tail Paddler into…

Jacks On Hogy Swim Baits

Rigging selection: When rigging for Jacks in the glades I like to use a 4.25 or 5.5 Hogy Pro Tail Paddle piece of 40lb fluorocarbon tied directly to the mono or bradeed line on a light spinning rod.

Why This Bait: The Jacks are ambush feeders so by working the paddle tail down a shoreline or a creek mouth they will see it and smash it!

Colors: In the Glades the most productive color I have used is the Olive or the Shrimp, but I am going to experiment with the Black next trip out!

Retrieve: There are a couple different ways to fish these pro tails. Start by casting out as far as you can ( try not to put it in the bushes on the shoreline or the mosquitos will get you while getting it back) I find a slow retrieve with no twitches works well for the shoreline. If you find them busting on the surface cast past the bust and real like its a live bait escaping & this will trigger a strike! Flamino Bay Jacks on Hogy Swim Baits


Rod: 6-7ft spinning rod med action

Reel: 3000 size reel Line: 1/2 my rods have mono, the other 1/2 have beaded line but i give the bride an edge for this species!

Leader: Always go with fluorocarbon, it cost a little more but you will get more bites!


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