Pro Talk: Drift Fishing Soft Baits for Fluke

Pro Talk: Drift Fishing Soft Baits for Fluke

We spent 15 minutes on the phone with commercial fisherman, Brian Yacino, to discuss drift fishing the Hogy Skinny Series soft bait for fluke in Point Judith, Rhode Island. Here's what we learned.. 

Location: Point Judith, RI

Tides: Flood tide.

Approach: Fluke are constantly on the move, but will take up residence in an area for a few weeks before moving again. This technique is designed to be used in deeper water (30′ – 60′) when fish are holding over  pebble or sandy bottom. When commercial fishing, it’s common to fish up to 7 rods at one time.

Brian’s Work Bench: For the past few years, Brian has been using this rig to commercially fish fluke. While no presentation will work 100% of the time, this rig has been taking limits of fish when other presentations wouldn’t produce.

Components: This easy to make rig only requires a few bits of terminal tackle.

Bait Selection: The Hogy 4inch Skinny Series. This rig requires the use of natural and artificial baits. The rigged soft bait is tipped with a mummichog

Why this bait? Fluke love to eat squid. When you slice the tail of a 4inch Skinny, you’ll end up with two small tenticles that lightly wiggle. The appearance of a small squid feeding on a mummichog proves to be irresistible combo meal for a hungry fluke.

Retrieve: Using tide or wind to power your drift, simply place your rod in the holder and allow the bait to use a dead stick retrieve.  Dead sticking is a very basic technique that doesn’t require any action imparted by the angler. Simply drop the bait to the bottom, reel it up so it drifts one foot above the bottom and let the current and wave action impart the action into the bait.


Rod: 7’ Medium – Fast Action Tsunami Conventional rod.

Reel:  Shimano Corvalus CDL400

Line: 50lb Power Pro Braided Line.

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