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Pro Talk: Fishing Rips with Squid Imitators with Capt. Mike Hogan

Pro Talk: Fishing Rips with Squid Imitators with Capt. Mike Hogan

Introduction: Here at Hogy HQ, our nearby waters are influenced by strong tides and feature many rips. We tested this technique during the squid run off Martha’s Vineyard in June.

We talked about hang time when fishing stripers over structure but at this time, we are fishing the swing of the bait through rips. Bass take advantage of boulders or sand bars to lie in wait and ambush for their prey.

Retrieve: This technique is a variation of the “dead drift” used by fly fishermen. A key method for presenting to these fish is to cast up tide and twitch the bait as it sweeps down over the structure. You’ll want to keep your rod tip up and do your best to keep the line off the water so you have better control of your bait. Your job with this method is to create commotion with your bait while using your reel to collect the line and stay in contact with the bait as it sweeps down tide.

Bait Size: 10-inch Original Hogy 

For this application the 10-inch Original Hogy is a perfect choice and manageable on most spinning outfits. Squid range from 6 to 12 inches in length so this is the perfect size.

Color: In Martha’s Vineyard Sound, we get a run of squid in May and early June and the many striped bass can be found in the rips. Bubble gum and amber are the top colors. Bone is a great all-around color choice, too.  

Rigging:  The 10/0 Un-Weighted Swim Bait Hook

This hook is hook beefy enough to weight and keel the bait so it submerges when twitched, but will let the bait float to the surface when the retrieve is stopped. The water tends to be very dirty at this time of year, so the weedless nature of this rig will serve you well.

Hook-set: If you get a hit with any slack in the line, make sure you reel down and feel the weight of the fish before setting the hook.

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