Pro Talk: Top Lures for Charlotte Harbor Snook

Pro Talk: Top Lures for Charlotte Harbor Snook

We spent 15 minutes on the phone with Capt. Webb Thompson to discuss the top lures for catching snook in Charlotte Harbor, Florida. Here's what we learned... 

Capt. Webb Thompson
Instagram: @nervouswatercharters
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Location: Boca Grande, Charlotte Harbor Florida

Tides: Although I prefer to fish the rising tide, I have found feeding fish at any moving tide. In the lower tide I will often fish the grass flats and sandy holes and as the tide rises will often move

Approach: I fish mostly from a kayak which allows me access to water most boats can’t go but also allows me a quiet approach to the fish in the shallow grass and sand flats. After judging tide and wind direction, I like to start up wind and tide of the flat. Depending on the speed of my drift and because I like to stand up for better visibility, I often set anchor in certain locations, looking for snook and redfish feeding in the sand, grass, or along the mangrove edges. Although I love to sight cast at fish, blind casting to promising areas often proves successful. The Hogy skinny allows a quiet cast and retrieve that allows me to cover a large area of water. After fishing that spot for a while, I will pick up anchor and move on. I particularly like to look for the sandy holes and am careful to set anchor far enough away to allow a good cast, but not too close to scare any fish away. Making casts along the edges of these sandy holes often produces the best results.

Rigging Selection: When fishing the grassy flats or mangrove edges, I rig with the unweighted swimbait hook which allows the bait to swim on or just below the surface. Rigged weedless, the bait can stay clean through the entire retrieve. When fishing in deeper water, I will sometimes switch to a weighted swimbait hook.

Bait Selection:  The Hogy 6″ Skinny

Colors: Although bone is my go to color for any situation, many other colors are productive. The Amber color would be my second most common color used.

Retrieve: I like fishing the 6″ Skinny just under the surface. With the tip of my rod down towards the water, I work this bait in a very slow walk-the-dog motion. Although the strikes are very often explosive, the snook will sometimes follow the bait for quite a while before hitting. Once I see a snook in pursuit, keeping the bait moving in a slow stop and start motion often provokes a bite.


Rod: 7’ Temple Fork inshore rod
Reel: Shimano Sustain 4000
Line: 30 lb suffix braid

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