Dancing Diamond Jig

Rigging Jigs & Sand Eel Soft Baits

Rigging Jigs & Sand Eel Soft Baits

One of the fall’s most abundant bait fish, sand eels comprise a hefty portion of fall fishes diets. Gamefish keyed in on sand eels can be highly selective in size, profile, color pattern and can often refuse traditional presentations when keyed in on sand eels. We’ve comprised a selection of our favorite ways to rig and fish the Hogy Soft Sand Eels from topwater twitch baits to teasers with your favorite Diamond Jigs.

Drop Teaser Rigged Soft Sand Eels (SURF METHOD)

In this video, coveted surf angler and write, Shell E Caris shares his preferred method for using the Hogy Soft Sand Eels on drop teasers paired with Diamond Jigs for surf Striped Bass.

Dancing Diamond Sand Eel Jigs (JIGGING METHOD)

In this video, Captain Shaun Ruge and Captain Mike Hogan describe why Dancing Diamond Jigs are ideal for targeting suspended or bottom holding stripers. Coupled with the softer plastic of the Sand Eels this gives them a lot of body movement as the lure swims, letting the ribbed design do its job over the length of the lure. Swim the jigs painfully slow and allow the sand eel to do all the work for you.

How To Rig Lightly Weighted Sand Eels (TOPWATER METHOD)

Captain Shaun Ruge shares his techniques for rigging lightly weighted sand eels in this video. “One of the best features of the Hogy Soft Sand Eels is the incredible, life like action they produce when fished on lightly weighted swimbait hooks. This gives them a tight quiver action through the water even when fished at slow speed. The most common mistake I see people make with them is to not give them adequate time to sink (double what you think is right), and they retrieve them too quickly.”

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