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Striper Baits: Best Atlantic Silverside Imitations #113

Striper Baits: Best Atlantic Silverside Imitations #113


Also known as the spearing or shiner in the northeast, silversides can be found around the rivers and estuaries of the western Atlantic from Canada to Florida. A mature silverside typically reaches a maximum of five and six-inches; during their spawning season from May to July, schools of smaller ones can be found, although they typically grow quite quickly. Silversides are quick swimmers that typically hide in grass beds or swim in schools for protection. Their name derives from the silvery band on their sides which is very distinctive, while their backs are greenish in color; the silver can be problematic if fish can be too keyed in on them if you are using a foreign color. The best retrieve for mimicking silversides is a quick, darting one that is provided by short snaps of the rod tip. 

  • Hogy Top Imitator: The Hogy Epoxy Jig Lure in "silverside" color is a dead ringer with a coloration pattern to match the name. This lure is best fished on a 7' light spinning rod at or around the surface with varied retrieve speeds. 
  • Trouble Shooting Extreme Bait Competition: If there is an abundance of silversides, so much so that it is hard to get a bass or albie to key in on one, your go-to retrieve is slow and low, twitch, which will simulate a wounded silverside descending from the school. Cast just outside of the schools of bait. 

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