Striper Baits: Best Butterfish Imitations #120

Posted by Capt. Michael Hogan on

Schools of baby butterfish often ball up in the fall and provide another food source that fish like bass and albies feed on heavily. Butterfish have a unique broad, round profile that is hard to replicate and still have a good swimming action with a metal lure. As a result, softbaits with a similar profile in bone or silvery coloration is the way to go. They are slow moving, so a slow to medium retrieve is ideal.

  • Hogy Top Imitator: We have two deadly options for imitating juvenile butterfish. The best option is our Hogy Pro Tail Paddle in up to 5.5” with bone, violet, and silver our top selling colors. A metal lure option would be our Peanut Jig series in our blue/silver patterns. 

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