Striper Baits: Best Mackerel Imitations #119

Striper Baits: Best Mackerel Imitations #119

Like the juvenile herring, bass and albies get very aggressive when keyed in on small mackerel. They are fast moving schools, so be ready to be nimble. Obviously green is the top color for matching the hatch for mackerel. As fast to very fast retrieve is ideal for these little speedsters.

  • Hogy Top Imitator: For Juvenile to medium sized mackerel our top imitators are the Hogy Pro Tail Paddles in Green Silver up to 6.5. A metal option would be our Herring Jig in green silver and lastly our 5” and 7” Charter Grade Sliders in Green Silver would give you a true to size mackerel body pattern. Fast all the these lures on the faster end of the spectrum if mackerel are around.


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