How-To — Slow Tail

How-To: Shore Fishing on an Open Beach #158

Posted by Capt. Michael Hogan on

Open Beach: There is often more than meets the eye at an open beach. Structure-wise, you have gradual drop-offs, fast drop-offs, sand bars, deep troughs, rocks and boulders.  Approach: Work the system at hand. Bounce along the bottom, fish along the top. Tide: Varies by structure.  "IF I JUST HAD ONE" with SHELL E. CARISLOCATION: New JerseyTARGETED SPECIES: Striped BassLURE: Slow Tail SeriesCOLOR: Bone "This lure has tremendous action. It casts great and I have been fishing for over 60-years in the surf and the way it swims in shallow water (2 to 7-feet) is unbeatable." "It tracks incredibly well because of its weight....

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