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Pro Talk: Slow Rolling Swim Baits for River Stripers

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We spent 15 minutes on the phone with Capt. Tyler Nonn to discuss stemming the tide for river stripers in the Susquehanna River with the Hogy Skirted Barbarian Jigs. Here's what we found out...  Capt. Tyler NonnWebsite: @tidewaterchartersFacebook: Tidewater Charters Location: Susquehanna River, Maryland Tides: River levels can change dramatically depending on the Dam’s output. Approach: While fish are present in the river year round, peak fishing begins in early April when herring and hickory shad migrate up coastal rivers to spawn. Rigging Selection: Hogy 10/0 Barbarian Jig Series. Jig weight will need to be adjusted depending on current. Generally 1/2oz – 3oz is appropriate...

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