Blackfin Tuna

How-To: Tuna Worm Trolling for Florida Blackfin Tuna

How-To: Tuna Worm Trolling for Florida Blackfin Tuna

Tuna Worm Trolling Lure For Blackfin Tuna

Fantastic Blackfin Tuna fishing lies just a few miles out past the reef.  Their depth and abundance changes with the seasons, but these basic lure techniques have proven to be effective year-round.

Hogy Lures Blackfin Tuna Trolling Worm Lure

Trolling: There’s a wide variety of trolling methods for both Tuna. I’ll cover a technique that uses a lure that can be trolled and casted on offshore spinning tackle. The 7inch 1.75oz Pro Tail Eel really came to shine on a recent tip to Marathon fishing with Two Conch’s Charters on the humps. Blackfin tuna were spread out and finicky.

Hogy Tuna Worm

Trolling these weighted eels is super simple. When you’ve found an area holding tuna, drop the baits back about 150′ behind the boat and troll them around 4.5knts. I’d recommend deploying at least two or more rods with them at a time, as multiple hookups are common and fill up the box when they’re biting. Make sure not to lock down the drag.

Catching Florida Blackfin Tuna Trolling Worm


Rod: 7' MH Sewell Custom Spinning Rod

Reel: Shimano Saragosa 10,000

Line: 50lb PowerPro Braid

Leader: 30lb Fluorocarbon 


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