Dancing Diamond Jig

How-To: Casting and Jigging Sand Eel Lures for Striped Bass

How-To: Casting and Jigging Sand Eel Lures for Striped Bass

Watch Hogy’s Capt. Mike Hogan fish with top guide Sean Ruge of Riptide Charters where they vertical jig and top water cast for large striped bass off Provincetown on Cape Cod. Fishing the area know as the Race, this video shows textbook examples on how to target deep water large fish at slack tide and also surface fish once the tide starts rolling. The fish were highly finicky so they went to the highly imitative Hogy sand eels rigged on diamond jigs and swim bait hooks to get the job done.

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Dancing Diamond Sand Eel Jig


Boat: 23 sea craft
Jigging Rod: Custom St. Croix Blank
Jig: Hogy Dancing Diamond Sand Eel
Reel: Shimano Saragosa 5000
Spinning Rod: Shimano Terez WaxWing
Topwater bait: 7” Hogy Sand Eel rigged on 10/0 Barbarian Swimbait Hook
Reel: Saragosa 5000
Line: 40lb PowerPro Braid
Leader: 30lb Fluorocarbon
Connection: Easy Loop Knot

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