Q&A: Rigging Jig Heads For Large Soft Paddle Baits

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Q: I recently ordered 4 packs of 8” hogy jiggin paddle tails in black I have them paired with a 2oz classic barbarian hogy jig head. The hookup ratio on tarpon is outstanding my issue is that I can only cast each paddle tail 9-10 times before they start sliding off the hook. I’m wondering if I just happened to get a bad batch of hogys or if the material is just that soft. I’ve found super gluing the paddle tail to the jig works alright but it doesn’t seem like I should have to do that to each jig. I’ll attach pictures of the lure/jig heads in using, hopefully you guys can give me a bit of advice or just a way to fix my issue as you guys know the price of these add up quickly.

Hogy Soft Bait Jig Head Rigging Sizes

A: Great question about pairing the HDUV Soft Baits with the 10/0 Barbarian Jig Heads. While the oversized grip barb does a good job holding onto the Soft Bait Tails, the soft hand poured plastic can stretch after extensive heavy-duty casting. To keep baits solidly in place and avoid any movement, I use a tiny drop of cheap super glue, applying a tiny dab between the jig head and soft bait. We use this glue in our rigging process as well, just to keep everything securely in place. An easy to find glue is available from Loctite, which can be found in any hardware store. I find a bottle lasts me half a season of heavy use. 

Locktite Rigging Glue

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