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Q&A Fishing Tackle Advice - Seychelles Edition

Kevin McDermott of the United Kingdom reached out to representatives at Hogy Lure Company in search of recommended lures for fishing on Denis Island in the Seychelles, which is an archipelago of 115 islands in the India Ocean, off of East Africa.

Question: I’m travelling to Denis Island in the Seychelles for a week and plan on doing some fishing form the shore every day a travel rod and 15lb gear. I think jigs, poppers and soft baits will work since it’s in the middle of the ocean and friends have told me the fishing is very aggressive with jacks, barracudas and bonefish. Could you recommend an assorted plano box of lures for me to bring?

Answer: I would recommend using a variety of our Epoxy Jigs and Heavy Minnows for the shore fishing. Most species there have sharp teeth, so the hard body lures will hold up well for you.

In the Epoxy Jigs, I'd recommend our 1.25oz model as the best balance for size and casting distance. 

With the Heavy Minnow Jigs, the 1.25oz weight is ideal as well. These feature a smaller body size but the weight is heavier with the all-metal design. 


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