Diesel Mack Sabiki Rig

Q&A: How to Fish the Diesel Mack Sabiki Rig


Hi, I’ve had GREAT luck with your products. Last fall I got my personal best striper (44”) in September in Southern Maine on your 1.25 oz peanut bunker paddle tail. First cast at dead low tide on a crisp morning. AWESOME. This year I’ll be trying your sabiki rigs for the first time and I have a question. What do you recommend for a weight on the end? Diamond jig? Sinker? How heavy? I’ll be in about 30-50 feet of water. Also, what weight for slow trolling these rigs?



Hi Cliff! 

Thanks for reaching out to us, we are so glad to hear that you enjoy our products and have had luck with them. Nothing better than a new PB! To answer your question simply, any metal jig will work! Check out the video below, it shows how to use the Diesel Mack Sabiki Rig for mackerel fishing in Cape Cod Bay but this technique can be used in almost any body of water. 

The Diesel Mack Sabiki Rig can also be used as a teaser like we have done for our deep sea Cod fishing trips. This technique works well for other bottom fish like Sea Bass and Scup. Check out the video below for a more detailed explanation on how we use them to fish on the bottom. 

Michael Hogan 

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