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Hi Mike, I got some Hogys® from you last year and have used them with good results on our Barra population and hoping this year to catch an over size(1.2m) fish on a hogy®.
I have used years ago a Banjo setup that by far had the best hook up rate on the barras, it had a bullet head with a cork screw in the back so you could run a free swinging kahle(or circle) hook from the head of the bait. Same as your circle hook set up but with a weight. I find the barras holding in water depths between 10 and 25 feet and mostly on or near the bottom. Have you made anything like this or have any suggestions, I have used toothpick weights but need to many of them in the bait to get them down in the current and they also inhibit the action of the bait
I will look to try a couple of your darter heads this year and see how they go.



Thanks for the good reports with Hogys®last season. I’d love the opportunity to chase some one day.
 I personally live in South West Florida and target a similar species – Snook. Similar in shape, size and behavior to the Barra.
I use a few different techniques to target these fish depending on what conditions they are relating to.

The depths you are trying to target (10 – 25 feet deep) sounds very similar how our fish will stage in coastal river and inlets before and after spawning. These fish tend to be very large and very picky. I will usually have to target them when the tide is flowing just right to trigger them to feed.

My favorite rigging for those conditions are the mini darter head series. I’ll fish the 3/8th ounce to the 3/4ounce depending on the current speed.
I’ll normally pair this with the 6inch skinny or 7inch original, although I have caught some really nice fish on the 10inch Original on the darter heads.

Another bait that we came out with that pairs perfectly with the darter heads is the Hogy® Bunny and Rabbit Swimbaits.
I find the skinny and original Hogy® work best when fish are looking for an erratic presentation and the swim baits are best when a straight or stop and go retrieve is best.

Feel free to bounce any questions off me, I’d be happy to help.

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