Q&A: Best Amberjack Lures & Rigs

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Hi my name is Roger and I’m wondering what’s the best Amberjack lures-rigs you recommend? I usually fish on the Gulf of Mexico cost close to Clearwater beach. Usually we go up 30-40 miles out @ 110-120ft deep, so I’m interesting more on lures for Big fishes like AJ and Grouper.




Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your interest very much.
We have several lures that are dynamite for offshore jigging grouper and amberjack.

You’ll need a little weight to get down deep in 110′ + depths. Our new Harness Jig is brawny enough to handle the biggest GOM jacks and grouper, and can be found here:

I prefer to use bright colors for the amberjack. The “Pink Squid” color works really well for jacks when jigged quickly. The darker “Sea Herring” color is better for jigging near the bottom for large grouper. You’ll want to make sure you keep the jig within 15′ of the bottom when targeting the grouper.

Another great technique is to jig heavy hammered jigs for both species. Our classic hammered or new holographic “tuna rigged” jigs are more than adequate for some big offshore fish, found here:

Attached is a photo of a nice Southwest Florida Gag Grouper that ate the “Sea Herring” colored soft bait.

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