Q&A: Best Barbarian Jigs for Sand Eel Imitators


I’m fishing out of a kayak on the north shore of LI near Riverhead. The water depth is 13-25′ sandy bottom (sand bar) and some rocky bottom closer to shore and out deeper. Bluefish, stripers (spotty), fluke, sea robins and good size porgies are the primary fish in the area. What do you suggest? The barbarians look interesting. Swimming eel or paddle – do you recommend a 2oz with a paddle tail? P.S. The bellies of the fish we are catching are loaded with sand eels

– Bob M.



Thanks so much for reaching out to us. We appreciate your business very much.

You’re right on track with your thinking. The Olive Sand Eel Swimming jigs in the 1oz Eel Tail and 2oz Paddle will work great for you.

I’d personally use the 1oz version for casting and working shallower edges, then use the 2oz version for deep jigging and some light trolling around the area.

Ross Gallagher

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