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Q&A: Best Lure Colors & Sizes for Surf Striper Fishing


What is the best color and size of baits for [striper] surf fishing?


Thanks so much for reaching out to us. We appreciate your interest very much.

We have several options that are excellent for striper surf fishing, depending on the season and time of day, one presentation may be better than another, but as a general guideline, these baits will work anytime.

Inside Trough & Weedy Conditions

Hogy 10inch Hogy Original Series + Weighted 10/0 Barbarian Swim Bait Hook
This eel imitator is excellent for searching out big stripers in weedy and shallow rocky conditions. Use a slow twitch pause retrieve while keeping your rod at a 30 degree angle for best results.

Long Distance Blitzing Fish

SI 2oz Epoxy Jig and 3oz Epoxy Jig
A new favorite for extreme casting distance while maintaining the ability to work shallow areas without snagging. The bigger SI Epoxy Jigs feature a foiled baitfish finish and unique Epoxy Coating that creates a slower sink rate and enticing side to side wobble on a steady retrieve.

Dancing Diamond Sand Eel Jigs
We offer upgraded hammered and smooth diamond jigs in a variety of sizes perfect for classic surf bass techniques. Now featuring hand tied VMC bucktail teaser hooks. These jigs are pre-rigged with some of the finest hooks and rings available.



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