Q&A: Best Lures For East Coast Florida Surf Fishing

Q&A: Best Lures For East Coast Florida Surf Fishing

Q: I am planning on surf fishing on the Atlantic Ocean side of Florida and need some new tackle. Could you please recommend some lures that you think would be appropriate for this environment?

A: Depending on  your location in FL, your primary beach target species will probably be jacks, snook, ladyfish and mackerel. If you’re headed that way later into the spring, tarpon are a possibility as well.

My favorite “catch all” style lure for beach fishing is our smaller Heavy Minnow Jigs in 1/2oz - 3/4oz weights. I fish these on a medium spinning outfit with 20lb braid and 20-30lb flouro leader. They will catch a wide array of species and do a great job at keeping the rod bent. 
If you’re planning on targeting fish around inlets or bridges, you’re more likely to find snook and other big game species. I would recommend our popular Pro Tail Paddle Swimbait for targeting these areas. You’ll want to use a bit heavier tackle, but the beach outfit could be used in some scenarios as well. The ideal baits for winter fishing are the 4.25”  1.25oz Paddle and 5.5” Paddle in 2oz lures. Bone, Olive or Black are all great colors. 

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