Q&A: Best Perfect Tube Sizes for Trolling in Maine



I am from Nottingham, England and will be renting a holiday camp in Northeast Harbour, Maine next month. I will be renting a boat June 23-25th to troll for stripers and want to buy the Perfect Tube but not sure which size to buy. Can you advise please? Also, any other advice would be welcomed. I have watched most of your you tube videos for gaining general advice, but some specific advice for that time of year and location could make all the difference.

Eric Nottingham




Thanks so much for reaching out to us. We appreciate your interest very much.

Our most popular size tube are the 24inch and 19inch sizes. We also offer a smaller 12inch and 16inch version, which can work very well during certain times of the season.

Color wise, the Wine color is traditionally a favorite during low light periods. Our new DayGlow Orange has proven excellent for stripers when trolling mid-day or in high sun.

Bubblegum is also excellent for mid day trolling.

We offer a tube and worm kit that may simplify choosing sizes and colors. It features our top colors in both 19inch and 24 inch sizes.


Best regards,

Ross Gallagher

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