Q&A: Best Soft Baits for Windy Days Flats Fishing Tarpon

How can I leverage the wind?


I spend two months each spring chasing tarpon along the flats of the Florida Keys. I’ve had great success using the Original Series Soft Baits for schooling tarpon. It’s frequent during the month of March and April to have 15 to 20-knot winds, this makes accurately casting large soft baits pretty difficult. What is my best option for reaching and accurately leading these fish?


The best way to add distance and accuracy while fishing in heavy winds increase the weight of your bait. The Original Series from Hogy offers several advantages in windy conditions, along with the classic action that tarpon love so much.

A few reasons why:

  • Foreword weighted design helps punch through wind for added casting distance.
  • Heavier 1.5oz weight.
  • Can be rigged with a 1/2 or 1oz 10/0 Weighted Barbarian Swim Bait Hook for even more weight to fight wind.


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