Q&A: Best Way To Store Softbaits (Soft Plastic Fishing Lures)

Q&A: Best Way To Store Softbaits (Soft Plastic Fishing Lures)

Q: Are you able to store hogy lures in a plastic box, or do they need to remain in their original packaging because of any material reactions?

Hogy Soft Bait Storage Solutions

A: Unrigged Soft Baits: We’ve offered a variety of mesh roll-up bags over the seasons, which feature a velcro lock to keep everything neat and tidy. I prefer to keep the soft plastics in the original packaging, which is a heavy duty poly bag with a zip lock. This keeps the baits dry and clean for extended periods of time. I can usually fit 2-4 packs of soft baits in each pouch of a roll-up bag. This allows you to carry about a dozen or more soft bait packs, plenty for several days of hardcore fishing.

Note: Our soft baits do not react with standard Plano storage boxes, so you’re safe to store them without worry. I wouldn’t recommend storing them with other non hogy plastics or hard baits, just to prevent any unseen reaction that may occur between dissimilar soft plastics or colorants. As with all soft baits, there can be some color transfer over time with very different colors stored together, i.e. Bubblegum stored with Bone can eventually transfer pigment. Keeping baits stored in the poly zip bags will prevent this altogether.

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