Q&A: Hogy Lures with Painted Jig Heads

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I cannot purchase any Hogy products because you do not paint your jib heads or any of your lead products. Many states have outlawed unpainted lead used for fishing.

Is there a reason you do not paint your jig heads?

Joe from Maine




Thanks for reaching out to us. We appreciate your feedback very much.

We have some popular rigging products that have painted lead heads. While not all products do at this point, we will be adding new designs throughout the season.

Some of our top painted Jig Heads:
Hogy Swimming Tins: http://shop.hogylures.com/category/1176/Swimming-Tins/1.html
Hogy Harness Jigs: http://shop.hogylures.com/category/0049/Featured-Harness-Jigs/1.html

These metal jigs are fully painted and very popular as well:
SI Epoxy Jig: http://shop.hogylures.com/category/1180/SI-Epoxy-Jigs/1.html
SI Heavy Minnow: http://shop.hogylures.com/category/2014/Heavy-Minnow-Jigs/1.html
SI Sand Eel Jig: http://shop.hogylures.com/category/2015/Sand-Eel-Jigs/1.html
Painted Diamond Jig with Bucktail Teaser: http://shop.hogylures.com/category/2018/Diamond-Bucktail-Teaser/1.html

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