Q&A How To Fish Hogy Lures for Snook


Hey Ross. I live in south Miami live in key largo on weekends. I fish all over due to weather, bugs and tide. Fish beaches creeks mangroves and offshore I have a 23 ft panga marine boat which I built the boat from a bare hull. It’s set up for back country or blue water. . I draw 10 in of water also have trolling motor to get into the trees into the back boggies and it’s also set up for deep water trolling also have a tower to locate birds and bebree in the ocean. I really all over s florida. I’m always looking for new artificials to fish with.




It sounds like we will keep it dialed into light tackle, back bay style techniques for my recommendations.

Surface Mangrove Creeks - Back Bay - Docks 

The below lures are best when used on medium weight spin tackle rigged with 20lb braid and a 30/40lb fluorocarbon leader. 

Hogy 6-inch Skinny Series (Bone, Tinker Mac, Amber): These lures work like a traditional fluke-style soft bait. They're great for skipping into pockets or working the surface outside edged. Fits well with a 3/0 or 4/0 Swimbait Hook. 

Hogy 7-inch Original Series (Bone, Silver, Bubblegum): These baits are a bit heftier and great for imitating medium sized forage like finger mullet. I like to use these baits for long distance casting, working docks and pot holes. Fits well with a 5/0 or 6/0 Swimbait Hook. 

Hogy HDUV 7-inch Jiggin' Eel (Black/Purple Flake, Bone Silver/Flake):  I love swinging along undercut mangrove cuts. These work great when the tide is running and I can swing the bait deep into cover. Keep it low and maintain contact with the bottom. I get a number of inshore snapper and grouper doing this as well. I really like the 6/0 Barbarian Jig Heads in 1/2oz to 1oz weights. 


Ross Gallagher

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