Q&A: Setting the Hook for Tarpon & Snook with Barbarian Jig Heads


I’ve recently started using the Hogy lures here in S. Florida for Snook and Tarpon. My setup consist of 7in paddle tails and your custom 1oz 10/0 Babarian jig heads. Just a question: I’ve had a lot of hook-ups with Tarpon and Snook where I fish (inlets) but the hook never sets and I lose the fish. As an aside, I get all my Snook and Tarpon on regular jigs with no problems, so I was just curious if your custom hook requires a different technique for solid hook-ups. Seems like it should do the job very well yet to my surprise it does not hold. I lost 3 good Snook the other night as well as a few tarpon, good solid hook-sets. Thus my reason to write you guys out of curiosity.

Also (as a suggestion only) it would’ve been nice to have had access to a video or photo instruction on how to thread your jigs into the big plastic baits (maybe you have one and I just missed it and, if so, please disregard). I messed up a lot of expensive baits trying to figure it out. They don’t just go in; there’s a specific way they should go in to fit and work correctly. Just saying.


West Palm Beach, Florida



Thanks so much for reaching out to us with your feedback.

I frequently use the Barbarian Jig Heads for Tarpon and Snook fishing out of the Fort Myers areas. I’m primarily fishing fast, deep moving water in local passes and near bridges. Similar to the conditions you’d be having in the inlets.

My first thought may be that the drag may need to be slightly tighter to create enough pressure to bury the hook bard and allow a solid hookup. I’m generally using 10-12lb drag when targeting these fish with 50lb braid and 80lb leader. After a bite, I’ll send the hook home, looking to get the barb to bury before my drag beings to pull. Generally, this will give me a very solid hookup.

After the hook set, I may lower my drag half a turn to continue fighting the fish. Personally, I’ve seen the Barbarian jig at least double my landing ratio of snook and tarpon, sometimes much higher than that.

We have rigging videos available here on our Youtube page, they are also shown in the “video” tab for the products in our web store. 

Please let me know if these tips improve your hookup and landing ratio on the next few trips.

Best regards,
Ross Gallagher

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