Chesapeake Bay

Q&A: Top Hogy Lures for Fishing Chesapeake Bay


I’ve seen some of your lures on Youtube and I like what I saw. I fish the Upper Chesapeake bay starting in April for stripers and will fish it summer and fall. What would you recommend from you line and technique to use? I’ve got the 10 ” floating original bone color. Which jig head should I use? And I also have the 7″ white — which head should I use?

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Thanks so much for reaching out to us. We appreciate your business very much.

These are the hooks you’ll need.

10inch Hogy Original Series rigged with a 10/0 Unweighted Barbarian Swim Bait Hook 

Which 7″ bait do you have? Original Series or Paddle Tail?

If you’d like a jig head, both can be fished on the 6/0 Barbarian Jig Heads

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