Q&A: West Florida Fall Grouper Fishing


What’s your expert opinion on utilizing Pre-Rigged or Dancing Diamond Sand Eel lures when fishing offshore (west coast of Florida) 50 – 80′ for snapper – grouper or other species. Is it worth a try or a waste of time??

Dick L.



Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your business very much.
I frequently fish offshore of Fort Myers/Sanibel for grouper and snapper. We are coming into my favorite time of year, when the gag and red grouper move back nearshore and keepers can readily be caught in 30′ – 80′. I’m happy to outline a couple lures that have worked very well for me, grouper fishing right in your neck of the woods.

Heavy Minnow 3.5oz
This jig is perfect for medium weight spinning tackle while drift or anchor fishing. Silver or Black Silver are excellent.
Ideal depths – 35′ – 70′ and tighter profile is great for big mangrove snapper.

HDUV Jiggin' Paddle Tail Unrigged (Pre-Rigged: Harness Jig)
Large profile ideal for larger grouper. I’d suggest using heavy spinning gear and hang on. I’ll deploy these jigs on the first drop and find the biggest fish jump right on it. Ideal for 40′ – 100′. 

I hope this information helps. These are some of my favorite, easy to rig lures for grouper.


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