Q: Do I rig in-line hooks facing up or down on Epoxy Jigs and metals?

Posted by Capt. Michael Hogan on

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Q: Hi, I'm changing out some treble hooks to single inline hooks on my Hogy Epoxy Jigs. Do you recommend hook point up or down? Can you explain the pros and cons of each of these hook placements? I'll be using these mostly from kayak around the Nobska area. - Tim H.

A: I prefer hook pointed down. I've tried both ways an found I get more and better hookups this way on albies and tuna. No other reason. VMC in-line singles are my hook of choice. - Capt. Terry Nugent | Riptide Charters

A: I don’t not change the hooks on my epoxy jigs very often I think they’re perfect as they come. If I did change them I don’t think the direction of the hook placement would matter much since the epoxy jig isn’t ever really up or down based, more spinning and erratic action. For sea bass I’ve used a regular Gami live bait hook. Doesn’t really matter if it’s in-line or not. - Capt. Robert Lowell | Cape Cod Offshore Charter



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