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Q&A: What's the best Hogy set up for Yellowfin

Posted by Ross Gallagher on

Topwater: 7" Charter Grade Popper Work this plug around visible surface feeds, or in areas where you're marking fish in the upper water column. Excellent for low light conditions, or when surface bait is present. https://hogylures.com/collections/charter-grade-poppers/products/charter-grade-popper-3-5oz-7inch   Mid-Water: 6.5oz Sand Eel Jig These jigs are perfect for targeting Yellowfin Tuna suspended mid-water column feeding on a variety of baitfish species. The jigs can be worked with a speed jigging retrieve to quickly cover the water column, or be fished using the slow-twitch method for working precise depths using a slow, short twitching motion in the strike zone. https://hogylures.com/collections/sand-eel-jigs/products/6-5oz-6-sand-eel-jig-vmc-assist-hook Deep-Water: 6oz...

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