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Q&A: West Florida Fall Grouper Fishing

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Question: What’s your expert opinion on utilizing Pre-Rigged or Dancing Diamond Sand Eel lures when fishing offshore (west coast of Florida) 50 – 80′ for snapper – grouper or other species. Is it worth a try or a waste of time?? Dick L.  Answer: Dick, Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your business very much.I frequently fish offshore of Fort Myers/Sanibel for grouper and snapper. We are coming into my favorite time of year, when the gag and red grouper move back nearshore and keepers can readily be caught in 30′ – 80′. I’m happy to outline...

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Q&A: Best Grouper Lures for Southwest Florida

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Question: [What are the] best grouper lures? I fish in Southwest Florida that is Marco Island Florida about 15 miles out at 45 to 50 feet. Robert   Answer: Robert, I’m very familiar with the area and have had some great success on shallow water gags and red grouper. I’ll normally fish these on a heavier spinning jig setup with 50lb – 80lb braided line using 50lb – 80lb fluorocarbon leader. All baits are dropped to the bottom and jigged 1-10′ off the bottom. I find they work great while drifting or on anchor. You’ll also find that amberjack, cobia,...

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