Burlew High Speed Wahoo Lure

Cory Burlew High Speed Wahoo Lure

Designed for trolling at speeds upwards of 20knts, the Burlew High-Speed Wahoo Lure was designed and tested by pioneering high-speed wahoo trolling and tournament angler Capt. Cory Burlew of South Florida. Testing in his home waters of Jupiter, FL and proven in many tournaments in Bahamian waters, this high-speed wahoo head has helped Cory account for many first-places finishes in prestigious Wahoo tournaments.

This Burlew Wahoo Lure Kit features two separate components that seamlessly pair together to create an oversized profile and action that imitates bullet tuna and Bonita. The custom-cut 16oz jet head provides exceptional smoke and bubble trails at a variety of speeds. The 10oz feathered insert provides extra body and bulk to the presentation, maintaining it's large profile even at high speeds. Tournament-Rigged with hand-crimped 480lb braided cable & a single 10/0 Mustad 7691S Stainless Knife Point Hook.


26oz Pepper Shaker High Speed Wahoo Lure Kit (16oz Head + 10oz Insert) - 14inch

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