3/8oz (1.75inch) Peanut Chovey

3/8oz (1.75inch) Peanut Chovey

23 reviews
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  • Solid Metal Core For Exceptional Casting Distance
  • Durable, Through Wired Construction
  • Reflective Scale Finish
  • Subsurface Side-To-Side Swimming Action
  • 4X VMC Treble Hook
  • Imitative Laser Eye

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We let nature do the designing on our new Peanut Chovy Jig. These tiny jigs are perfect imitators of tiny Anchovy. Its flat-sided body shape offers a seductive side-to-side wobble on a steady surface retrieve, great for targeting finicky Albies. When fish go deep, the Baby Chovy Jig offers an excellent flutter fished on a drop slack jigging retrieve.

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Lee M.
United States United States

Peanut Jig

Great lure for striped bass

Hogy Lure Company Online Shop 1oz (2.75inch) Peanut Jig Review
Todd F.
United States United States

White Perch Performer!

We're shut down on Striped Bass right now in the last two weeks of July so you have to focus on other stuff. Turned my sights to White Perch for these couple weeks and we clobbered them! Well, it was not exactly a "typical" use for this jig but I rigged it up as the "weight" on the bottom of a Sabiki rig with a single in-line 1/0 hook and fished it over structure in the Chesapeake Bay and the White Perch just hammered it. The smaller Perch liked the small teaser hooks above with the flash but anything with any size just gulped down the Peanut Bunker jig. I lost count of the fish and had just a great day out there. Lost several of them to the oyster reef below but that's the cost of doing business when you are bottom fishing over structure. Remember to get that treble hook off there or you will lose all your gear in just a few drops. Besides, it's a lot more sporty to catch them on the single hook and you can get the fish released a lot easier. They really liked a natural fall so you pull up and just let it flutter down and they smack it most of the time on the way down. It was absolutely awesome! That's all for now. See you out on the water! Captain T out for now!

Hogy Lure Company Online Shop 1oz (2.75inch) Peanut Jig Review
Chris S.
United States United States

Matches the hatch

Great lure remained durable and worked on everything from bass to albies to schoolie bluefin. A must have in the tackle bag.

Hogy Lure Company Online Shop 1oz (2.75inch) Peanut Jig Review
James G.

Change it up!

Last year, on an early October trip to the Vineyard, I was popping around chappy, looking for one last good shot at albies, after a great fall using Hogy epoxies on the mainland. A stop at a well-known albie spot revealed breaking fish, but having lockjaw for the other anglers. These fellow fishing fools were tossing everything under the sun, but not the peanut jig. I tied on a 1oz jig, recently purchased. Immediately i was tight, and after a couple more hookups, we were off to the rooftop in Edgartown for beverages and football. The peanut jig has found a permanent spot in my albie bag!

Hogy Lure Company Online Shop 1oz (2.75inch) Peanut Jig Review
Charles B.

Killing it with your products in New London Connecticut


Hogy Lure Company Online Shop 1oz (2.75inch) Peanut Jig Review

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